How to arrange tulips like a pro!

If you’ve ever been stumped with arranging flowers, but enjoy having them in your home, look no further than the versatile tulip!

With our 2 bunches for $15 special, we’ve gone through more of these beauties in the last month than I can count!

Tulips are very easy to arrange because they simply do what they want. You can’t control a tulip. They are the rebellious teenager of the flower world, bending whichever way they want, growing at rapid speed, and consuming a lot of liquid!

How to Arrange Tulips

  1. When you bring your tulip bunches home find a clean jar, vase and a simple clear glass water pitcher.
  2. The flower food packet is there for a reason. If you follow the directions on the back, you’ll increase your vase life by a few days.
  3. Once your food/water solution is mixed properly, being cleaning your tulips. Take off any leaves that will be underneath the water. These add gunk and bacteria to the water (yes, that is my pro-florist jargon: gunk).
  4. If you purchased any greens, add these first.
  5. Cut your tulips on an angle with a sharp knife and put into water within 10 seconds of the cut.
  6. If you like, you can pierce half an inch below the head of the tulip with a safety pin. This will stop them from growing. Personally, I love the messy look tulips have after a few days in water. I am a naturalist, I leave them alone.

If you change the water every 2 days and re-cut, your tulips will retain their beautiful appearance for 5-8 days.

Now, sit back and enjoy your work!

Tulips Arranged

Yellow Tulips


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