How to Care for your Easter Lily

Easter Lily

Easter Lily

You received an Easter Lily. It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful. Now, what do you do with it?

Easter Lilies like it on the cooler side of things. Indoor temperatures of up to 70 degrees in the day and during the nighttime they prefer around 60-65 degrees. They are probably not the best idea for the little old lady who has her thermostat set at 80.

They like moderate light. Moderate light means bright but indirect sunlight.  Think sunny room, but not right in the window.

They should be watered nearly every day. If the plant is wrapped in decorative foil, make sure that there isn’t any standing water in the bottom. This will cause root rot. It’s like having wet socks on. Yikes

The blooms will last longer if the anthers (yellow pollen-bearing structures) are removed from the centre of the flowers.

As one bloom dies, make sure to cut it off. It makes it prettier and you’re not wasting any water feeding a dying bloom.

It is almost impossible to force Easter lilies into bloom a second time indoors. An alternative is to plant them outdoors in spring, where they may bloom again in fall. The plants will need a site with bright light but some shelter from extreme heat and wind. They are not hardy enough to survive winter outside, so don’t expect to see them next summer if you leave them out in fall.

As one final note, lilies will give your cat a stomach ache. If your cat is like mine, eating every bloom in your home, put it up somewhere he can’t reach it.

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