How much do wedding flowers really cost?

Those centerpieces you see online and in magazines look absolutely gorgeous.

They are designed by some of the most talented people in the industry, but how much are they really costing the brides?

I’ve found some centerpieces on The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings and priced them out below.

Floating Candles and Green Cremones wrapped with ribbon

This centerpieces is quite a simple and stunning way to dress up a table inexpensively.

This group of four would cost $40. The glassware at $6/cube is the most expensive element.

Carnation groupings

These groupings of carnations may look inexpensive but each arrangement boasts 26 blooms in each one. each container arrangement costs $45 making the four you see here cost $180 for the table.

Pink Dendrobium Orchids and Branching

These stunning pink arrangements of dendrobium orchids and curly willow each boast 16 stems of orchids and elegant branching.

Each vase arrangement would be $108 making the pair cost $216 for the table.

White Dendrobium Orchids and White Hydrangea

This arrangement of 30 White Dendrobium Orchid and 2 White Hydrangeas is created in a dish and then glued onto the top of the vase. The Vase itself costs $60.

The total cost of this arrangement, including the vase is $235

Next week’s blog post? Ideas for cost effective (but pretty) centerpieces.


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    These are great suggestions! I’m getting married in two weeks and, with some help from my florist, I was able to create some simple, yet elegant centerpieces for (wait for it….) less than $10 a table! I was able to find some great glassware at a church garage sale, and then was able to order my flowers in bulk to cut my costs (I also have some very helpful aunts that are willing to help arrange the pieces the morning of of the wedding). While they aren’t the most extravagant arrangement’s they suited my purpose perfectly.

    Great to see a florist who’s willing to provide customers with some cost cutting ideas! Keep up the good work :)

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