Is your florist local?

Shopping online is such a convenient thing to do. I can buy anything I need to at 3am in my underwear if I want to. (Don’t peek through my windows late at night.)

In our industry, there is an influx of websites out there that claim to be locally owned and operated but are actually a call center in California or Ottawa.

How does this work, you may be asking?

In the floral world, we are service by two major wire service companies. A wire service company serves the purpose of sending orders to other places. If you need flowers sent to Toronto, you could come see us at Pizazz! Florals and we could send your order for you through the wire service.

Companies who set up fake websites posing as local florists belong to the wire services and collect huge rebates from them for sending out so many orders. These companies are called “Order Gatherers” because that’s exactly what they do. They gather orders at a huge premium and send them to local florists to fill.


Can you spot the phony's?


So why should you be concerned with this?

Because you are paying higher fees and higher prices for an arrangement that is coming to our shop to fill anyway.


Order Gatherers prices


Notice the price difference between the two screen shots. The price for the two exact same arrangements differ by $5. The delivery charge is $14 and they haven’t even added on the taxes yet. Don’t forget this is a US website so the prices are in American. Wow that’s quite a price difference.

Now check our website for the exact same thing.


Our Website


When you shop with an order gatherer, they take your information and your money and then send your order to us to fill. They take off the $14 shipping and handling fee and keep it for themselves.  Next, they send us the order over the wire service for us to fill. So you’ve paid an extra $30 and only $35 ever really makes it to the person you  are sending the flowers to.

When you call out of town be sure to ask if the florists shop is located in the city you are calling. If they answer the phone “flower shop” you can almost guarentee they are sitting in sunny California, not wintery Ontario


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