Delivering happiness


Lexie and her "pink Lily"


Today my two-and-a-half year old and I were driving through Chatham and we drove by Pizazz.

She said, “There’s Mommy’s work!” and then asked “What you do there?”

To sum it up as simply as I could for her,

I said “I help make people happy by giving them flowers

I was instantly overwhelmed at the truth of my own words.

In what other industry would you light up a child’s face with birthday balloons, create a beautiful floral tribute to honour a beautiful life and design the wedding of a young woman’s dream all in one day?

I wake up happy to go to work everyday to face the challenges and entertainment of our industry.

Is my job easy? No.

Stress free? Not by a long shot.

But when I can get into bed at night and know that I helped turn someone’s crummy day into a happy one, I sleep a little more soundly.

And who knows, maybe my little girl will follow me into the floral biz. From the looks of it, she can’t get enough flowers.


Lexie and the Queen Anne's Lace




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