Adorable Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Some people absolutely hate Valentine’s Day. They think it was made up by the card companies as a way to get us to spend our money. Whether you think that’s true or not, I think it’s still nice to recognize the day with a little something. Nothing makes a woman feel better than to know someone was thinking about her and thinks she’s so special that they decided to get her a gift.

This year we have lots of gifts that are not only cute but affordable!

These little hamsters make me giggle every time I see them. They are part of a New line up from Ty called Beanie Ballz. They are so cute!

We picked these mugs at the CGTA Gift show last August and we’ve been dying to put them out for sale because they are too funny! Imagine sitting at the table with your spouse drinking out of these mugs? I just love them.

Kissing raccoons. Yes. I said it. Aren’t they cute? You could tie these on to the bottom of some balloons or attach it to your flowers. They actually make a little kissing noise when you press their tummy. It’s so adorable it’s almost obscene.

I’m not a big chocolate lover, but Guylian chocolates will always be a weak spot of mine. They’re a soft Belgian chocolate and they have a way of getting in your mouth.

Avanti has the most amazing line of cards. They’re as funny as they are cute. I like this one with the dog covered in smooches.

Too. Much. Cuteness.

If you want to do the rose thing, we’ve got tons of those, too! But these are some nice, inexpensive gift ideas for your sweetheart!

If you order early you’ll miss the Valentine’s Day chaos. We can even delivery a gift for you.

Give us a call today to get your order ready!


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