The Wedding Show

It’s no secret that we love to do weddings!

A few years ago not many people knew that we offered wedding flowers as well as all the other awesome stuff we do. So after a few long discussions, we decided to enter the 2009 Wedding show.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Our wedding business grew by leaps and bounds in just that one year following the show. So many brides were excited to learn that their favourite florist could also do their wedding! Then we found out our prices were WAY to high for Chatham, so we lowered them! (I think we’ve got to be the only place LOWERING our prices! haha)

We had a booth in last weekends wedding show and it was a huge success! If you were there, you got to see some of the colourful bouquets that we made up.

If you weren’t, this is your lucky day! I’ve got ALL the bouquets here for you to see.

Be SURE to like our facebook page because I’ve got lots of pictures of our work over there.

Pretty, no?

Call me today to book your consultation. 519-351-2654 or email us: pizazz.florals [at]

You should have your wedding florist booked about four to six months before you wedding date.


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