Why do roses cost more on Valentine’s Day?

Everyone knows that the week of Valentine’s Day the cost of roses will increase quite a bit. I always get one gentleman who will yell at me over the price insisting that we’re trying to gouge customers out of their hard-earned money.


That hurts. I have trouble not taking it personally because I would hate that a customer or anyone would ever think that way of us.

So I’m going to set the record straight.

Why do roses cost more on Valentine’s Day?

The supply chain of flowers goes through many steps.

Grower Level:

The growers have to set aside room to grow 198 million roses for Valentine’s Day. They have to time the roses just right so that they’re ready to bloom for the big day. They sit on millions of empty acres waiting for the right time to plant. Once it’s time to harvest, it all has to happen within a few days. They bring in extra people to cut all the flowers. It’s all done by hand not machine. They, then, need to hire extra planes to fly it all into the USA.

Shipping Level:

The shippers need to hire extra people to process all the incoming roses. They need to hire extra planes and trucks to fly and ship the product all over North America.

Wholesale Level:

The Wholesalers again need to hire extra people to help with the massive amount of roses incoming. They hire more trucks and delivery drivers. They rent huge coolers to store the excess flowers in.

Retailer Level (That’s us!):

By the time the roses get to us, our cost to purchase has more than tripled from January. We only double the price, not triple it, because we aren’t out to gouge people, like I said before. We hire 4 extra delivery drivers and rental vans for the big day. We have 9 – 10 staff working instead of the usual 4 – 5. We try to keep our costs down as much as possible so that we can afford to give the best possible deal on roses that we can. (Think of the water we have to put in all those buckets. Last February, our hydro and water bill was over $1000!!)

So I hope that helps people understand how much effort and time goes into producing all those roses for Valentine’s Day! If everyone wanted to work for free the prices would stay the same, but weirdly enough people want to get paid for their time and that means that the price will go up!

There are some other flowers that you can get valentine’s day that would be just as beautiful! She’ll enjoy anything as long as it comes from the heart.


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