Shamrockin’ at Pizazz!

Cheesy title, I know. The time change wiped me out this weekend so the creative juices are  a little less flowy than normal.

One of the reasons I love shamrocks is one of the same reasons I love tulips—>they simply mean that spring is ONE STEP CLOSER!!

Can you blame me? On the weekend I took my daughters out to the park for hours! We spent a bit of time hunting for shamrocks. I kept thinking, ‘silly girls, I know where we can find a bunch of them!’ but I let them have their fun.

I picked up a couple shamrocks from Pizazz this weekend. One for me and one for a gift.

Here’s how to care for your shamrock:

  1. Keep it in a sunny or partly sunny area. (Good light means that you can read a book without turning on a light)
  2. Keep it moist, but don’t over water. If your shamrock feels heavy or damp to the touch, just give it a few more days.
  3. It will go dormant in the winter. Don’t water it and put it in a cool dry place like a basement closet or crawlspace. When stuff starts sprouting outside, that means it’s time to bust that thing back out!

So. Easy.

Enjoy your shamrocks and enjoy your St. Patty’s day this weekend!

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