Easter in bloom

Easter is on Sunday, the 8th and at Pizazz! Florals we tend to be very busy. Since we’re so conveniently located, people can run in grab what they want and run out.

We try to have lots of plants and Easter arrangements in the shop ready for you grab-and-goers.

My favourite plant of all time is a hydrangea. (I think it’s because they just grow on their own! I don’t need to doctor them.) We have lots of hydrangea plants coming in this week. Hydrangeas like to drink a lot so they need to be watered every other day. They range from $20 to $40 and they are gorgeous!!

Blue Hydrangea

This bunny arrangement would be a great gift for someone in a small space, like an apartment or a retirement home. It’s the perfect size for a bedside table, so it could even go in the hospital for that matter!

Show somebunny you care. (Okay...cheesy, I know! I couldn't resist)

Azaleas are one plant that you can’t beat for colour. They’ve got a nice woody stem which makes them very easy to take care of.

Pink azalea


Easter lilies are the classic gift. They are easy to take care of and can be planted in a garden in the fall.

Can you get more classic than this favourite for Easter?


Another customer favourite here is our mixed bouquets. We always have them ready to go and they are usually $23 each. This is a really nice gift to grab for grandma if you’re having dinner at her house! :o)

A colourful mixed bouquet is just what granny ordered


We also have a lot of other arrangements in our cooler just waiting to be taken home. We like to have a minimum of 25 to 30 arrangements ready at a time, that way anyone who walks in can find something they like.

You can also order by visiting our website! Happy Easter. Hope the bunny is good to you.

Me? I’ll be on the couch in a chocolate coma. Don’t wait up.



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