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Michelle’s Wedding

Ahhh, Michelle’s Wedding bouquet.

It was one of my all time favourites. I love the french country look.

Michelle got married near the end of June. She really wanted peonies, but we were unable to get them. (Remember that weird heat spell we had for two weeks in March? It shifted the growing season up by a few weeks) Instead, we had to substitute with some UNBELIEVABLE garden roses!!

They smelled so heavenly. They were so velvety and feather light looking. I’m notorious for wanting to touch all the flowers, so Patti, the wedding designer actually had to put a sign in the bucket that said “DON’T TOUCH!!!” I took that as my cue to keep my hands off if I wanted to keep all my fingers….

Michelle’s bouquet had garden roses, freesia, and lavender from Great Lakes Lavender Farm here in Chatham. The fuzzy greens are called dusty miller and they go great in vintage and french country weddings (like Michelle’s!)

The little square in the middle is a tie tack that belonged to the bride’s father. I love seeing personal touches added into bouquets.

The bridesmaids bouquets were an elegant mix of roses, garden roses, lisianthus, scabiosa, lavender and dusty miller.

Even the boutonniere’s had little touches of lavender in with the altsroemeria.

If you’re getting married, call us! Patti did these wedding bouquets and she would love to help you create your dream wedding!



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Pizazz ASAP!!

We have a joke around these parts that our shop should be called ‘Pizazz ASAP’ rather than Pizazz! Florals and Balloons.

We take 50-100 phone calls a day and we have lots of walk in traffic so we get a lot of this:

“Hi, Can I have a dozen roses delivered in a hour? I forgot our anniversary.”

“I’m just running across to the hospital, can you make something up quickly for me to take over?

“We need a funeral spray for today. The visitation starts in thirty minutes.”

We are so fortunate to be able to say ‘Yes, Absolutely!!” when our customers ask us to rush something out.


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Balloons gone forever?

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about helium at all until you want to get some balloons inflated for a party. Here at Pizazz! Florals and Balloons it’s something we think about on a daily basis.

Currently, there is a helium shortage throughout North America. It is making it more difficult and more expensive for retail shops to get tanks of helium for balloons.

Helium is used to cool MRI machines and other medical equipment so they definitely take priority over balloon and party business. Luckily, we have a contract with our helium supplier so our price stays fair and we generally are able to buy tanks of helium. But as the next 5 years go on helium will be extracted from the earth until it’s gone.

For a business like ours, that can be a concern, but for the next few years, the party will continue!



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Mallory and Wes’ January Wedding

I received some pictures from Jessica Lally Photography from a wedding that we did back in January. It was beautiful and sparkly and everything a blingy wedding should be! Mallory didn’t have an exact vision of what she wanted so she let the designer, Pat, have a creative license.

I delivered the wedding myself and when the bride opened the box, she exclaimed “Oh LOOK!”

She loved it!! They were so kind and came back and gave Pat a big ol’ hug a few weeks after the wedding.

Thanks to Mallory and Wes for letting us share in their special day. And thanks again to Jessica Lally for the beautiful pictures :o)

And here are some pictures I took of the bride receiving her flowers and my artsy close up of the bouquet :o)

We’ll be back on Monday with a contest for your mama :o) You don’t want to miss it!

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Easter in bloom

Easter is on Sunday, the 8th and at Pizazz! Florals we tend to be very busy. Since we’re so conveniently located, people can run in grab what they want and run out.

We try to have lots of plants and Easter arrangements in the shop ready for you grab-and-goers.

My favourite plant of all time is a hydrangea. (I think it’s because they just grow on their own! I don’t need to doctor them.) We have lots of hydrangea plants coming in this week. Hydrangeas like to drink a lot so they need to be watered every other day. They range from $20 to $40 and they are gorgeous!!

Blue Hydrangea

This bunny arrangement would be a great gift for someone in a small space, like an apartment or a retirement home. It’s the perfect size for a bedside table, so it could even go in the hospital for that matter!

Show somebunny you care. (Okay...cheesy, I know! I couldn't resist)

Azaleas are one plant that you can’t beat for colour. They’ve got a nice woody stem which makes them very easy to take care of.

Pink azalea


Easter lilies are the classic gift. They are easy to take care of and can be planted in a garden in the fall.

Can you get more classic than this favourite for Easter?


Another customer favourite here is our mixed bouquets. We always have them ready to go and they are usually $23 each. This is a really nice gift to grab for grandma if you’re having dinner at her house! :o)

A colourful mixed bouquet is just what granny ordered


We also have a lot of other arrangements in our cooler just waiting to be taken home. We like to have a minimum of 25 to 30 arrangements ready at a time, that way anyone who walks in can find something they like.

You can also order by visiting our website! Happy Easter. Hope the bunny is good to you.

Me? I’ll be on the couch in a chocolate coma. Don’t wait up.


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Wedding Eye Candy – Part One

Spring is here and with it comes the start of wedding season!

We love doing weddings. Nothing makes us happier than delivering a bride’s flowers to her and seeing the expression on her face. Flowers complete the brides vision for the day and we love creating bouquets that add the finishing touch.

Here are some of our favourite bouquets:

A mix of green and white roses, green fuji mums, green button poms and hypericum berries. Finished with the a wrap with the family tartan and the grandmother of the bride's celtic knot.


A mix of roses, alstroemeria, miniature carnations and lilies with a hint of pink wax flower


A mix of blue dendrobium orchids and white roses with feather accents


A colourful mix of gerbera daisies, asters, roses, green button poms and white stephanotis


Schwartzwalder calla lilies (Schwartzwalder means Black Forest)

Part Two to follow on Thursday!

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Spring is here!

Way back in January Linda went up to the Canadian Gift and Tableware show to buy our stock for spring and summer. It’s always a fun trip and after Valentine’s Day is over, the boxes start coming!

I love unpacking all the springĀ  gift ware. Patti, our merchandiser, does an amazing job putting the store together to look beautiful! The designers are hard at work creating all sorts of artistic silk arrangements.


Here’s a little sample of some of the new things here at Pizazz! Florals:

Our Front window display

Don't you just love all the colour?


Fish lips!


Rain boots....does it get cuter than that?


Cottage style fishy


Antiqued Lanterns


Tulip swag for your front door


artificial hydrangeas...I love these


Forsythia wreath with purple accents


artificial mums, SO colourful!


Can you tell spring is one of my favourite seasons?? Stop in today and see how you can bring some colour into your life!

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