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Prom is coming up for the high school down the street.

We love this time of year. I get a little excited reminiscing about my prom. Was it really that long ago?

The girls here at Pizazz! used to force a corsage on me every year. I always hated the old elastic wristband and the wires scratched my wrist.


These kids today don’t know how good they have it. (I feel like my father when I say this!)

The bracelets are so cool and the flowers are put on with a special glue instead of with wires.

Here’s two corsages we made a few weeks ago

Red rose corsage on the ‘runway’ bracelet

Doesn’t that red rose corsage have ‘rockstar’ written all over it?

White rose corsage on ‘special day’ bracelet

This was for a lady’s 90th birthday. I’m guessing she felt pretty awesome when she received it!

Go like us on facebook because I’m going to be adding more and more pictures of our corsages as prom season goes on!


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Not your mama’s corsage

If you want a fun looking, fresh corsage for your prom or graduation, check out these cool new corsage bracelets!

When you’re done with the corsage you can actually remove it and keep the bracelet as jewelry. I found these and thought that they were the neatest thing. They sure beat that old itchy elastic band that’s been around since the 70’s.

What’s your favourite?

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