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Say Thanks to your Admin. Assistant!

They are the people who make your office run smoothly.

Could you really do your job with out them?


It’s Administrative Professionals Week and you just know that your office support staff deserves some extra recognition for all the great work they do!

Here are some ideas for great gift ideas:

1. Flowers (obviously!!)

Flowers have been shown to increase employee productivity. We have lots of arrangements from $15-$45 made up just for this week. They are desk sized so they are perfect for your office.

2. Plants

Plants are wonderful for cleaning the air in your office and keeping your employees healthy!

3. Balloons

Balloon bouquets add some cheerful colour to your office and let your assistant know that they are appreciated in a fun way!

4. Fruit and snack basket

A great way to show your appreciation if you have a larger staff. Give them some healthy treats to munch on (as well as some indulgent chocolates!)

These are all great ideas for Administrative Professional’s Week! You can call us or order online, as always. We’re also open 8:30-7 each weekday, so you can pop in before you head to the office or on your lunch. Now get back to work.


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5 reasons why flowers are better than Donuts

Administrative Assistants week is April 19th – 23rd. Before you get in line at the Donut Shop consider this:

Top 5 reasons flowers are better than Donuts

  1. Donuts are laden with sugar. The ensuing sugar-crash will result in less productivity for your employees.
  2. Flowers are motivating. They make people happier and happier people work harder.
  3. Your office will look better, creating a more inviting atmosphere for your customers. Much better than, say, powdered donut residue on your desk.
  4. Plants and flowers last much longer than a donut will. Your assistant will enjoy your thoughtfulness for a week or more.
  5. Studies have shown that people who give flowers are perceived as kind, educated, powerful and affluent. Not a bad set of adjectives to be associated with.

Get your assistant something they will really treasure.

Click here to shop for flowers

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