Michelle’s Wedding

Ahhh, Michelle’s Wedding bouquet.

It was one of my all time favourites. I love the french country look.

Michelle got married near the end of June. She really wanted peonies, but we were unable to get them. (Remember that weird heat spell we had for two weeks in March? It shifted the growing season up by a few weeks) Instead, we had to substitute with some UNBELIEVABLE garden roses!!

They smelled so heavenly. They were so velvety and feather light looking. I’m notorious for wanting to touch all the flowers, so Patti, the wedding designer actually had to put a sign in the bucket that said “DON’T TOUCH!!!” I took that as my cue to keep my hands off if I wanted to keep all my fingers….

Michelle’s bouquet had garden roses, freesia, and lavender from Great Lakes Lavender Farm here in Chatham. The fuzzy greens are called dusty miller and they go great in vintage and french country weddings (like Michelle’s!)

The little square in the middle is a tie tack that belonged to the bride’s father. I love seeing personal touches added into bouquets.

The bridesmaids bouquets were an elegant mix of roses, garden roses, lisianthus, scabiosa, lavender and dusty miller.

Even the boutonniere’s had little touches of lavender in with the altsroemeria.

If you’re getting married, call us! Patti did these wedding bouquets and she would love to help you create your dream wedding!



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Pizazz ASAP!!

We have a joke around these parts that our shop should be called ‘Pizazz ASAP’ rather than Pizazz! Florals and Balloons.

We take 50-100 phone calls a day and we have lots of walk in traffic so we get a lot of this:

“Hi, Can I have a dozen roses delivered in a hour? I forgot our anniversary.”

“I’m just running across to the hospital, can you make something up quickly for me to take over?

“We need a funeral spray for today. The visitation starts in thirty minutes.”

We are so fortunate to be able to say ‘Yes, Absolutely!!” when our customers ask us to rush something out.


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Balloons gone forever?

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about helium at all until you want to get some balloons inflated for a party. Here at Pizazz! Florals and Balloons it’s something we think about on a daily basis.

Currently, there is a helium shortage throughout North America. It is making it more difficult and more expensive for retail shops to get tanks of helium for balloons.

Helium is used to cool MRI machines and other medical equipment so they definitely take priority over balloon and party business. Luckily, we have a contract with our helium supplier so our price stays fair and we generally are able to buy tanks of helium. But as the next 5 years go on helium will be extracted from the earth until it’s gone.

For a business like ours, that can be a concern, but for the next few years, the party will continue!



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Alicia’s bright and beautiful wedding

When a bride comes to us and wants lots of colour in her bouquets, we get excited!

There are so many possibilites that open up!

Amy designed this wedding for Alicia and it turned out gorgeous.

Thanks to the bride for bringing us some beautiful photos by Kate Dath Photography

The bride’s bouquet

Alicia carried a mix of gerbera daisies, mini carnations, green button poms and white stephanotis.

Close up of the bride’s bouquet

Now that’s a LOT of colour!!

I love just looking at these bouquets. The colours scream ‘summer!!!’

Colourful wrap and broach on the handle

These cool touches, like the broach on the handle of the bouquet, are great ideas to make your wedding bouquet totally unique.

If you have a wedding coming up in the next year, call us to see what ideas we have for you!

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Prom is coming up for the high school down the street.

We love this time of year. I get a little excited reminiscing about my prom. Was it really that long ago?

The girls here at Pizazz! used to force a corsage on me every year. I always hated the old elastic wristband and the wires scratched my wrist.


These kids today don’t know how good they have it. (I feel like my father when I say this!)

The bracelets are so cool and the flowers are put on with a special glue instead of with wires.

Here’s two corsages we made a few weeks ago

Red rose corsage on the ‘runway’ bracelet

Doesn’t that red rose corsage have ‘rockstar’ written all over it?

White rose corsage on ‘special day’ bracelet

This was for a lady’s 90th birthday. I’m guessing she felt pretty awesome when she received it!

Go like us on facebook because I’m going to be adding more and more pictures of our corsages as prom season goes on!

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How fresh are my flowers?

People often ask us how fresh the flowers are. We’re so lucky to have customers who care about quality!

We have a rule at Pizazz: If you wouldn’t give it to your best friend, it doesn’t leave the store.

While it seems like a simple creed, it makes all the difference in the quality of our products!

The reason we know that our flowers are so fresh is we go through our product very quickly. We are a busy shop and we have a rotation system that ensures product gets used in the order it was purchased. We know what to buy, how much of it to buy, and when to buy it.

We have fresh flower trucks stop 9 times a week (yes, I’m serious!) We purchase over 300 – 500 roses a in a normal week and we go through all of them. If we don’t use them all up (which is rare), we dry them and use them to make our little thanksgiving munchkin pumpkins.

Our things are fresh because we know that you’re giving a gift and it’s got to be awesome!

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Keep your arrangement watered
  2. Keep it away from drafts and heat
  3. Keep it away from fruit
  4. Keep it away from cigarette smoke and car exhaust.


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Say Thanks to your Admin. Assistant!

They are the people who make your office run smoothly.

Could you really do your job with out them?


It’s Administrative Professionals Week and you just know that your office support staff deserves some extra recognition for all the great work they do!

Here are some ideas for great gift ideas:

1. Flowers (obviously!!)

Flowers have been shown to increase employee productivity. We have lots of arrangements from $15-$45 made up just for this week. They are desk sized so they are perfect for your office.

2. Plants

Plants are wonderful for cleaning the air in your office and keeping your employees healthy!

3. Balloons

Balloon bouquets add some cheerful colour to your office and let your assistant know that they are appreciated in a fun way!

4. Fruit and snack basket

A great way to show your appreciation if you have a larger staff. Give them some healthy treats to munch on (as well as some indulgent chocolates!)

These are all great ideas for Administrative Professional’s Week! You can call us or order online, as always. We’re also open 8:30-7 each weekday, so you can pop in before you head to the office or on your lunch. Now get back to work.

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